Sometimes Used Tires is the Right Choice!

Why Purchase Used Tires?

There are many times when choosing to buy used tires instead of new is the right choice. 

Let's face it sometimes tire problems occur unexpectedly and there just isn't enough room in the budget for a new tire. You may be planning to trade in your car soon, or maybe just one or two tires are worn or damaged, and you want to match the remaining tires instead of buying new. Often used tires when purchased by an educated consumer can be a big win. High mileage barely used tires can sometimes be a fraction of the price of new tires of that same brand and model.

Whatever your reason, at SouthCo Tire in Colorado Springs, CO we know that finding good deals on used tires is important. With our "high tread" and "low tread" used tire pricing, we can alleviate the stress associated with getting quality used tires to fit your budget. With SouthCo Tire you get affordable tires not cheap tires Contact us today to request a price quote, or to check our huge inventory of used tires. 

Used Tires

Used Tires